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Bringing out the best in timber floors

Bona is recognised as the world leader in timber floor technology in more than 90 countries around the globe. With a full range of non-toxic timber floor finishing, installation, maintenance and floor care products, together with the best technical support available, Bona is the recognised No1 Professionals Choice.

Bona - the number 1 professionals choice

Why is Bona Better?

Bona is the professionals choice for Timber Floor Coatings, Timber Floor Care Products, Floor Sanding Machines, Abrasives & Adhesives.

Based in Malmö Sweden, Bona is the world leader in non-toxic floor finishes and care products for timber and hard surface floors. Flooring professionals and homeowners have relied on Bona since 1919, with Bona products now protecting millions of square metres of flooring in palaces, museums, sporting arenas, art galleries, cafes, restaurants, retail shops and homes worldwide.