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Coverage Rate Calculator

The performance of any coating is controlled by many different factors. Some control the curing and drying whereas others control the formation of the finish film including levelling, sheen and the overall appearance not to mention wear, scratch and scuff resistance.

These factors can include timber density, the moisture content of the timber, the temperature of the timber, the level of humidity, air temperature, ventilation, direct sunlight, etc, etc.

One of the most important is the quantity of product applied to the floor. It is vitally important to ensure that the correct amount of product is applied to be certain of the best results. If you apply too little product there is a significantly higher risk of seeing issues with levelling, sheen variation, grain raising, lack of 'build', application marks, colour variation and in the longer term performance against wear, scratches and scuff.

The document below gives the correct product quantities required for various floor areas and explains how these quantities have been calculated. If you require any further advice then please contact Bona Australia via the details on the Contact page.

Download Bona Finishes Coverage Rate Calculator