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Bona SuperSport HD
Bona SuperSport HD Hardener

Bona SuperSport HD


Bona SuperSport HD is a premium 2-component hardwearing finish high-build polyurethane finish specifically developed for timber flooring in sports halls. It complies with the European standard for indoor sports surfaces (EN 14904:2006) and provides a safe surface for optimal performance. The Bona SuperSport system is approved by the international basketball association (FIBA) for the highest level of international competitions.

Key Benefits:

  • EN 14904:2006 (European standard for indoor sports surfaces) compliant
  • Certified by FIBA for the highest level of competition
  • Outstanding resistance to wear and scuff marks
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for overcoating prefinished floors
  • Classified EC1R for very low emissions

Tech Data & Safety Sheets

Download Bona SuperSport HD Tech Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets.