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Bona Australia
Bona Australia
Bona Wood Floor Cleaner
Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 2.5 Lt Refill
Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1 Lt Spray Trigger Pack
Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 850 ml Mop Refill
Specifically designed for sealed timber and cork floors
Removes 99% of Bacteria

Bona Premium Spray Mop Refill Bottle Video

Bona Timber Floor Cleaner

Bona Timber Floor Cleaner is a ready-to-use water-based cleaner designed for the on-going maintenance of finished timber floors. Quick, easy and convenient. Bona Timber Floor Cleaner is available in a 1 Lt Trigger Spray, economical 2.5 Lt Refill Pack and a 0.85 Lt Spray Mop Cartridge. Removes 99% of bacteria when used with Bona's Microfibre cleaning pads.

  • Removes 99% of bacteria with Microfibre Cleaning Pads
  • Bona world-leading quality, sold in over 90 countries world-wide
  • Cleaning solution made in Sweden
  • Specifically formulated for sealed timber and cork floors
  • Thoroughly cleans and helps maintain and protect your timber floor
  • Fast drying, ready to use, floors can be walked on straight after cleaning
  • No streaks, no dulling residue left behind
  • pH neutral formula doesn't damage floor finish
  • Certified Greenguard GOLD

• 2.5 Lt Refill
• 1 Lt Spray Trigger Pack
• 850ml Mop Refill Cartridge

2.5 Litre Refill

2.5 Lt Timber Floor Cleaner Refill Pack
Designed for refilling your Bona Spray Mop Cartridge (sold separately), the 2.5 Litre Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Refill Pack can be used to top up your 850ml Mop Cartridge and is specially formulated for hard wood floors, ideal for home or office. The Bona pH neutral water-based cleaner is also suitable for waxed and oiled floors, specially formulated for fast drying and thorough cleaning, with no dulling residue. The Bona 2.5 Lt Wood Floor Cleaner lets you remove dirt and other solid particles which may cause damage to your timber floor. The most economical way to purchase Bona’s famous timber floor cleaning solution, simply refill your empty cartridge from this bulk pack.

  • Capacity: 2.5 Litre
  • Economical refill
  • Cleans hardwood floors
  • Fast drying with no dulling residue
  • pH neutral to ensure that no damage is caused to your floor
  • The simplest, safest and best way to clean and maintain your floor
1 Litre Spray Trigger Pack

1 Lt Timber Floor Cleaner Spray Trigger Pack
Designed to go hand in hand with your Bona Spray Mop (sold separately), the 1 Litre Bona Timber Cleaner Trigger Spray is specially formulated and ideal for spot cleaning smaller areas. The pH neutral, ready to use and convenient Bona spray on cleaner is also suitable for laminates, waxed and oiled surfaces. TheTrigger spray pack is perfect for cleaning timber surfaces in your home and office such as benchtops and tables. Simply spray and wipe with a Bona microfibre cloth. Fast drying formulation leaves no dulling residue.

  • Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Easy use spray trigger bottle
  • Perfect for spot cleaning timber surfaces in the home and office
  • Fast drying with no dulling residue
  • pH neutral to ensure no damage caused to timber surfaces such as can occur with acidic or alkaline cleaners
  • Simply spray and wipe dirt away
  • Suitable for laminates, waxed and oiled floors and all timber surfaces
850ml Mop Refill Cartridge

850ml Timber Floor Cleaner Mop Refill Cartridge
Designed for use with your Bona Premium Spray Mop (sold separately), the 850ml Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Refillable Cartridge is specially formulated for hardwood floors and is ideal for cleaning homes and offices. The convenient refillable cartridge is simple to attach to your Bona Spray Mop and is suitable for laminate, waxed and oiled timber floors. Simply attach, spray and wipe dirt away. The timber cleaning solution is a ready-to-use water-based, environmentally friendly formulation. Dries fast and leaves no dulling residue or streaks, your floors will sparkle.

  • Capacity: 850ml
  • Refillable Mop Cartridge, simply attach & spray
  • For use with Bona Premium Spray Mop (sold separately)
  • Cleans all types of timber and cork floors including laminate
  • Fast drying with no dulling residue
  • pH neutral
Technical Information

Bona Timber Floor Cleaner Tech Data & Safety Sheets
Click here for further technical information and direction.

Green Guard Gold logo Greenguard GOLD Certification Bona’s floor care products are GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified, which means they are safe for use around your home, your family and your pets. GREENGUARD certification strives to help reduce chemical exposure by connecting people to healthier products they can trust.