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Finishes & Stains Brochure Downloads

Non-toxic, Hard-wearing Water-based Timber Floor Finishes for Professional Use.

Bona Finishes Guide

Finishes Range Guide A4

Complete Floor Finishes Range Overview

Bona Primers

Bona Primers DL Brochure

Why Primers are a Good Idea

Bona Mega DL Brochure

The Perfect Solution for Any Home

Mega ONE

Bona Mega ONE DL Brochure

Next generation 1k finish that delivers 2k results

Mega EVO

Bona Mega EVO DL Brochure

Next generation 1K finish with self crosslinking technology

Bona Wave 2K

Bona Wave 2K DL Brochure

Genuine 2K durability and wear resistance

Bona Traffic Range DL 10PP Brochure

Bona Traffic Range DL Brochure

Extreme Wear Resistance for High Traffic Floors


Bona Traffic DL Brochure

The all round coating for High Traffic Areas

Traffic GO

Bona Traffic GO DL Brochure

New level of simplicity for high traffic wear

 Traffic GO

Bona Traffic GO A4 Overview

The full story on the Next Generation High Traffic Coating

Bona Traffic HD 4PP DL Brochure

Bona Traffic HD DL Brochure

Extreme wear resistance and minimal downtime

Traffic HD Raw

Bona Traffic HD Raw A4 Overview

The full story on Traffic HD Raw wood look & feel

Traffic HD Raw

Bona Traffic HD Raw DL Brochure

Ultra matt floors with haptic feel & great durability

Traffic HD Anti-Slip

Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip DL Brochure

Walk Safe with Traffic HD Anti-Slip

DriFast Stains

Bona DriFast Stains DL Brochure

The Easy Way to Colour Your Floor