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Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip

Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip

  • Overview

    Walk Safe with Traffic HD Anti-slip

    Bona Traffic HD (Heavy Duty) Anti-slip has been designed to give the benefits of Bona Traffic HD together with improved slip-resistance performance.

    Bona Traffic HD Anti-slip is uniquely formulated with inert non-reactive slip-resistance particles, removing the need to add powder additives on site to achieve slip-resistance. Traffic HD Anti-slip surpasses the P3 rating required for floors and staircases in commercial and domestic buildings. At the same time, HD Anti-slip gives excellent wear, scuff and scratch resistance together with a smooth-to-touch surface.

    Traffic HD Anti-slip does not require the addition of any slip-resistance additives. Contractors simply apply the finish in the same way as Bona Traffic HD. Specifiers can be confident that every litre of finish applied to the floor will have exactly the same level of slip-resistance.

    Specifiers should choose a P rated product, as detailed in AS 4586:2013, as these products may be tested on site, using the Pendulum test noted in Appendix A. This is becoming more common, particularly with local authorities, to verify the slip-resistance performance of a floor surface. With Bona Traffic HD Anti-slip, the inclusion of the slip-resistant particles during production and the safety of having a rating in excess of P3 means that testing on-site can be confidently undertaken.

    Traffic HD Anti-slip is ideal for applications where safety and anti-slip qualities are paramount such as staircases, aged care, facilities, entry foyers and reception areas, food courts, cafés and restaurants, public halls, hospitals, medical centres and other public places.

    Designed for commercial Anti-slip applications:

    • Two-component water-based top coat
    • Non-toxic
    • Non-yellowing
    • Pre-mixed - no need for the on-site addition of slip-resistance additives
    • High durability and extreme scratch resistance
    • Extremely quick hardness development (possible to use floor in full use following day)
    • Low odour
    • DIBt approved for low indoor emissions
    • P4 Slip-resistance according to AS 4586:2013
    • For use with Bona primers
    • TVOC 50 g/Lt
    • 8-10 m2/Lt coverage
    • Drying time 2-3 hours between coats
    • Gloss Level (60˚): Matt 15%
  • Tech Data & Safety Sheets

    Download Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip Tech Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets.

  • Brochure

    Download Bona Traffic Range Sales Brochures.