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Bona Craft Oil 2K
Oil Decking Craft Oil2k
Bona Craft Oil 2K Colour Chart

Bona Craft Oil 2K


Two-component Natural Penetrating Oil

Bona Craft Oil 2K colours and seals in one step, eliminating the need for a primer. It is easy to apply and penetrates deep into the timber to resist water and stains. It can be used on its own as a quick drying, high-performance oil, or combined with Bona Traffic finishes for complete protection.

The unique formula is made from modified plant-based oils and has a very low solvent content. Bona Craft Oil 2K is catalysed with a hardener for greater durability and is compatible with most timber species.

Bona Craft Oil 2K is available in 12 colours including neutral and is suitable for timber floors, as well as furniture and other woodwork.

  • Colours and seals in one step
  • Low VOC / Vegetable oil based
  • Overcoat with Bona Traffic or Traffic HD for extra protection
  • Very low solvent content - less than 25 g/Lt
  • Uniquely long open time and pot life
  • Extremely high degree of penetration
  • Fast drying time: Neutral – 8 hrs Coloured – 12 hrs (under normal indoor conditions 20ºC / 60% RH)
  • Approx. 30 m2/Lt coverage depending on timber type
  • Apply with a short-haired roller or red pad
  • Gloss level (60˚): 2%

Bona Craft Oil 2K colour chart

Available in 12 colours (including Neutral) which can be inter-mixed to create the exact shade desired.

(Please note printed colours may vary from the actual Craft Oil 2K colours)

Colour chart Print version

Tech Data & Safety Sheets

Download Bona Craft Oil 2K Tech Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets.


Download Bona Craft Oil 2K Sales Brochure.

Video: Bona Craft Oil 2K

Video: Bona Craft Oil 2K Demonstration