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Bona Abrasives Scrad System

Bona Scrad System


Swirl marks in coatings are always a potential problem with the cobweb effect often accentuated by low voltage downlights. The Bona Scrad system has been developed to minimise swirl marks in both waterborne and solvent-based floor finishes. The Bona Scrad 405mm diameter pad contains a 320 grit silicon carbide material and can be used on it’s own or with Scrad Wings.

Bona Scrad Wings are made of a special heat resistant abrasive material and adhere to the underside of the pad using super strong Velcro.

As the Scrad Pad spins the Wing sands and the Pad follows to sand again with a finer grit. Scrad Wings come in a choice of 120, 150 or 220 grit.

Tech Data & Safety Sheets

Download Bona Scrad System Tech Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets.