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Pads are securely fastened with click-on Connect System
Wall Distance Wheel prevents damage to skirting & walls
Wider 178 mm discs reach all the way to the edge of the skirt
Wall distance wheel maintains correct distance & prevents damage to skirting boards or walls
Reduces time spent crouching or kneeling, allowing for an ergonomic working process

Bona ErgoEdge


Bona ErgoEdge saves time and your body.

Edge sanding is an integral part of the sanding process, but is time consuming and strenuous. The Bona ErgoEdge system reduces the hours spent bending over and crouching on knees by up to 70%. With specially developed flexible, conical shaped discs (patent pending) the ErgoEdge system sands within millimetres of walls and skirting boards, reducing the floor area requiring use of an edger by up to 90%.

The Bona ErgoEdge system is a revelation in fast, upright edge sanding with optimal control. ErgoEdge discs are designed to mount on the Bona PowerDrive Connect and attach to the Bona FlexiSand 1.9 for maximum power and performance. For safety, the Wall Distance Wheel prevents damage to skirting boards. Transform edge sanding into an ‘ergonomic’ sanding experience that you can enjoy with the Bona ErgoEdge.

Compatible with PowerDrive Connect Plate
No. of discs 4
Disc diameter 178mm

Tech Data & Safety Sheets

Download Bona ErgoEdge Tech Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets.


Download Bona ErgoEdge Sales Brochures.

Key Features

  • Closer to the wall with 178mm discs
  • Ergonomic upright edge sanding
  • Special flexible disc design
  • Wide reach & faster sanding
  • More aggressive & efficient sanding

ErgoEdge Kit Includes

  • 4 Flexible drive plates for working closer to the wall
  • 4 Intermediate pads to enable better performance
  • Non-marking distance wheel to set proximity to the wall

Video: Bona PowerDrive Ergo Edge

Video: FlexiSand w' PowerDrive Connect & Ergo Edge