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Bona Australia
Sanding Machine DCS 50 Dust-Free Sanding Made Easy
Sanding Machine DCS 50 Control Panel and Power Socket
Sanding Machine DCS 50 Ergonomic Handle
Sanding Machine DCS 50 Easy Transportation
Sanding Machine DCS 50 Drain Hose for Wet Sanding
Sanding Machine DCS 50 High Quality Nozzle
Sanding Machine DCS 50 Changeable Filter
Sanding Machine DCS 50 Extra Long Extension Hose
Sanding Machine DCS 50 A New Compact Performer
Sanding Machine DCS 50 Light Partner for Clean Air Sanding
Sanding Machine DCS 50 Easy Handling

Bona DCS 50

  • Overview

    Dust-free sanding made easy. A new compact performer.

    The Bona DCS 50 is a lighter and more portable version of its bigger brother the Bona DCS 70.

    The Bona DCS 50 is compact and highly manoeuvrable making it ideal for dust containment on smaller jobs. The DCS 50 is designed to be used with all Bona sanding machines, with its light weight and versatility meaning it can be easily carried up or down stairs and be used to vacuum both dry and wet surfaces. The collection bag has a capacity of 50 liters, and the high quality nozzle is made from cast alloy. The filtration system is 99.9% effective and M Class rated.


    Bona DCS 50 can be used for dust-free sanding of all kinds of wooden and parquet floors. It is also unique with its ability to vacuum wet material. Its total weight of 19kgs and 5m extension hose add to its multifunction capabilty.

    Key Benefits

    • Light and handy
    • 99.9% dust containment (M class)
    • Wet & dry vacuuming
    • Drain hose for convenient disposal of liquids
    • Power outlet with auto-start function
  • Tech Data & Safety Sheets

    Download Bona DCS 50 Tech Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets.

  • Brochure

    Download Bona DCS 50 Sales Brochures.

Video: Bona DCS 50 Overview