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Bona Australia

Residential Floor Care Guides

Bona Residential Floor Care products provide everything you need to keep your floor looking great throughout its entire lifetime. The Bona system includes non-toxic surface cleaners for both timber and hard surface floors which leave no streaks and no dulling residue. In addition to Bona offers a complete range of floor care accessories including spray mops, pads, refresher and polish. The following guides will assist you to maintain and protect your floor.

Timber Floors

Residential Hard Surface Floor Care Guide

Proper maintenance is essential for any timber floor. Preventative maintenance includes using mats at entrances and felt protectors on furniture legs to prevent scratching. On-going maintenance includes proper cleaning and the use of protective products to revive the floor. A correctly maintained timber floor should almost never need to be sanded back to bare timber again.

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Hard Surface Floors

Residential Hard Surface Floor Care Guide

Bona have used their flooring expertise to develop a maintenance system specifically for hard surface floors. As well as surface cleaners this includes mop accessories and polishes to revive shine. The following information will help you keep your sealed hard surface floors including ceramic tiles, laminates, linoleum, vinyl and marble, looking great.

Hard Surface Floor Care Guide Download

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