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Bona Australia
Bona Finishes Traffic HD Raw

Bona Traffic HD Raw

  • Overview

    Ultra Matt Floors with Haptic Feel and Great Durability

    Bona Traffic HD Raw brings a uniquely true wood experience into the world of finished floors. Offering an ultra matt floor surface with a high level of protection, Bona Traffic HD Raw creates a soft haptic feeling of untreated wood, delivering an astonishing tactile sensation.

    Haptics is the science of touch. Bona has incorporated haptic technology to achieve a finish that looks and feels like raw, natural timber - but with the protection of a finish. Bona Traffic Raw HD is also special because regardless of which angle you view the floor, the sheen remains ultra matt even in reflective light.

    A pleasure to walk on with excellent slip safety, Bona Traffic HD Raw is great for homes with children and pets as well as commercial floor surfaces. Bona Traffic HD Raw creates ultra matt floors with great durability - the raw experience of wood, protected. A premium product for a premium look.

    Designed for a raw look & feel for residential and commercial use:

    • Two-component water-based top coat
    • Ultra matt haptic feel
    • Low odour, non-toxic
    • P3 Slip-resistance AS 4586:2013
    • Excellent wear resistance
    • 100% polyurethane
    • Non-yellowing and unaffected by UV light
    • Suitable for over-coating pre-finished floors
    • TVOC max 52 g/Lt (incl. hardener)
    • 8-10 m2/Lt coverage
    • Drying time 2-4 hours between coats
    • Light use after 24hrs
    • Sheen Level (60˚/85˚): Ultra Matt 4%
  • Tech Data & Safety Sheets

    Download Bona Traffic HD Raw Tech Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets.

  • Brochure

    Download Bona Traffic Range Sales Brochures.