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Sanding Dust Poses Serious Health Risk

Floor sanding dust creates a significant health risk to homeowners and should not be ignored

If you’re not using an effective dust free sanding system you're exposing yourself and your customers to a serious health risk. The risk to homeowners is significant and should not be ignored.

Studies have linked wood dust in workplaces to asthma, bronchitis, lung, sinus and throat irritation, shortness of breath and skin problems. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), after researching nasal cancer among woodworkers in Europe, has classified wood dust a human carcinogen (a material capable of causing cancer).

In addition to this, many floors that have already been coated with varnishes, lacquers and polishes may contain additional toxic and harmful chemicals. These can cause serious harm to health and need to be taken into account. If you’re not using an effective dust free sanding system you're exposing yourself, your workers, homeowners and others to a serious health risk whilst potentially being in breach of Occupational Health & Safety law which requires employers to maintain a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.

The use of specialist equipment to control and avoid dust significantly reduces the health risk. The Bona DCS 70 is one such system and it is certified to the strictest European 'H' Classification, proven to remove 99.99% of dust. The Bona DCS 70 was the first machine of its kind to achieve this classification. The Bona DCS 70 uses its conical and HEPA filters to capture dust and it is then deposited into a endless plastic bag. There is no emptying of cloth sanding bags any more. Simply tie off the plastic dust bag with cable ties, lift out of the machine and deposit it in the bin without ever having to expose yourself to dust. Quick, convenient and dust free.

The Bona Dust Containment System (DCS) is an integrated system compatible with all Bona sanding machines and in addition may be used with other sanding machines. Using the DCS 70 results in truly dust-free sanding, providing a better working environment for both contractors and customers.

Placing anyone's health at risk is simply no longer an option for professional contractors, so gain an edge over other contractors and offer your customers dust free sanding with the best dust extraction system on the market

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