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Bona Cleaning and Maintenance for Timber floors

A timber floor will last a lifetime... and longer... if it’s cared for properly

A timber floor is a serious investment and will last a lifetime – and longer – if it’s cared for properly. Just a few simple rules need to be followed if you want to keep it looking as good as new. First take some preventative measures. Dirt and grit walked in underfoot will scratch the surface, so a large doormat is always a good idea if people or pets walk straight on to the floor from outside. Try and make it large enough to capture two foot steps and keep it shaken and clean. Use protective pads under chair legs, lift furniture rather than dragging it and keep pet claws trimmed.

The most important maintenance task is regular cleaning to keep the surface clear of particles which may scratch the floor. Well used floors should be dry cleaned every day if possible. Damp cleaning should be carried out as needed or if there are marks or spillages. Steam cleaners are not suitable for timber floors as the hot steam is pushed between the joints and can cause the wood to move or swell. Always use a cleaner like Bona Wood Floor Cleaner that is specially made for wood floors. Avoid vinegar or ‘Metho’ in water solutions and all-purpose cleaners as they can dull the surface finish.

Use a minimal amount of liquid to clean the floor; ‘wet’ mopping is not an effective way to clean. Bona Spray Mops are ideal as they spray just enough cleaner on to the surface to loosen any dirt then wipe it away immediately – leaving a clean, dry surface. The Bona Spray Mop system is designed for use on all hard surface floors including timber, laminate, hybrid, stone, tiles, vinyl, etc. Simply choose the correct Bona Cleaner. For timber floors this would generally be Bona Wood Floor Cleaner but if you have an oiled floor then Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors should be used to ensure that the floor is both cleaned and nourished to ensure that the oil lustre is maintained. For all other hard surface floors Bona Stone, Tile and Laminate Cleaner should be used.

Other Bona maintenance products, such as Bona Refresher and Stone, Tile and Laminate polish, may be used periodically to restore the appearance of the floor if dulling occurs. Bona is a world leader in the development and supply of water based non-toxic coatings for timber flooring. If your timber floors need to be sanded and refinished it is important to choose an experienced professional company. Bona Certified Contractors are assessed and selected by Bona for their ability to use Bona products to give their customers floors to be proud of.

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