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Keep customers safe with non-toxic timber floor coatings

Don't put home owners health at risk by using solvent based finishes.

Help home owners stay safe by using use non-toxic water based finishes. It's important now more than ever for everyone to stay healthy. Water-based non-toxic finishes minimise disruption to a household as there’s no dangerous fumes, and no need to vacate the premises during application or drying.

Contractors using solvent based finishes should wear protective clothing and breathing apparatus during application, and ideally a premises needs to be vacated by the homeowner during application and drying. Some contractors report that jobs are cancelled or postponed due to the disruption solvent based finishes causes to a household. Offering a non toxic finish is an ideal solution.

Bona finishes contain no dangerous fumes, so there's no need to leave the premises during application, curing or drying. In fact homeowners can be enjoying a meal in the kitchen whilst their floor is being coated in the next room. Try doing that with a solvent based finish! None of Bona's water-based non-toxic finishes contain more than around 8% percent solvent, and in the case of Bona Classic Primer it's just 2.3 per cent. Solvent-based finishes however contain up to, or even more than 60% solvent content, and depending on the brand, various levels of free isocyanates which can seriously affect the respiratory system.

In terms of wear resistance quality 2-component water-based finishes such as Bona are equal to solvent-based products and in fact have a number of advantages. For example, Bona finishes are non-yellowing and virtually unaffected by UV light. When used in conjunction with Bona Primers they minimise edge bonding (a common issue with solvent finishes) and have a natural ‘non-plastic’ appearance that looks sensational. Bona’s biggest selling finishes include Traffic, Traffic HD and Mega. All are available from authorised Bona Distributors Australia wide. For more information check out the Bona Finishes Guide.

Bona Traffic

The all-round coating for heavy use areas. Bona Traffic has been used on more than 150 million square metres of residential and commercial floors all over the world. Contains just 8.5% solvent, GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified, comes in satin or matt more info on Bona Traffic.

Bona Mega

One Component, quick and easy solution for residential use. The world’s biggest selling non-toxic one component polyurethane used on more than 175 million square metres of flooring in more than 75 countries. Contains just 6.3% solvent, isocyanate free, GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified, comes in gloss, satin, matt or extra matt more info on Bona Mega.

Bona Traffic HD

The ultimate wear resistant finish for extreme heavy duty traffic. Perfect for floors with extreme levels of use. Traffic HD is the best you can offer and amazingly just 4.75% solvent content. GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified, comes in satin or matt, rapid drying time 2-3 hours between coats more info on Bona Traffic HD.

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