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Bona Quote Packs help you 'Seal the Deal’.

Allow Home Owners to make informed choices by supplying them with professional quotations.

A professional quotation increases your quote to sales ratio and enables home owners to make an informed choice when it comes to having their floors recoated. Many home owners simply obtain three quotes and choose the cheapest one, unaware that the cost difference can translate to the quality of finish used and the quality of work provided. Supplying home owners a professional presentation which demonstrates the benefits of your service greatly increases your chances of winning a job. Selling on the cheapest price often means the home owner receives an inferior job, and does not allow the contractor to maintain a sustainable business. The benefits a customer recieves from a superior job far outweigh the bad taste an inferior job leaves behind. A Bona quote pack is the ideal tool to leave with your customer so they can consider your proposal.

Bona Quote Packs explain to a customer what a floor re-sanding and re-coating job entails and gives them confidence in the end result. The Quote Pack A4 Folder and DL brochure holders are the perfect tool to leave behind with prospects as they provide a handy reminder for the homeowner of what you have quoted, and why your quote should be considered above other quotes. When properly informed as to what choices are available and the comparable quality of products, consumers are three times more likely to go with the ‘best' option, rather than the ‘cheapest’ one.

Bona Product brochures describe the specifications of finishes included in your quote (primers, finishes, stains) and why they should be used. Critically they also illustrate why Bona products are superior (non toxic, water-based, long wearing, proven market leading brand), and also include details of Bona's after floor care and cleaning products to maintain their floors into the future. Bona Quote Packs help you to ‘seal your deal’, and set you apart from contractors using cheap coatings or solvent based toxic finishes.

Demonstrating that you use Bona’s world leading finishes range establishes you as an industry professional who can be trusted, and a well presented sales pitch with a printed presentation left behind could be the difference between winning or losing a job.

Bona Quote Packs

Bona Quote Packs and product sales brochures are available free to trade flooring contractors.

  • DL Packs with brochure inserts.
  • A4 Presentation Folders with DL inserts and A4 sales brochures.

To obtain your free Quote Pack contact Bona Australia via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or for a range of customer sales brochures and marketing material call 1300 882 806 to have your sales packs delivered free by post.

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