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Introducing Bona's new Wave 2K

Bona's new Wave 2K is here. Genuine 2K durability for heavy duty residential or moderate wear commercial.

Bona Wave 2K is a two component finish that offers great wear, scuff and scratch and chemical resistance, with Bona’s renowned quality and global name that you can trust. Bona Wave 2K is perfect for jobs where you need the toughness of a genuine 2K finish, but don't require the extreme heavy duty capabilities of Bona’s premium Traffic commercial range.

Bona Wave 2K goes head to head with comparable competitor 2K finishes in this segment which means Bona now has a complete range of finishes at all price points to compete directly against competitor brands. Contractors can now complete any project under the one Bona brand and rely on Bona's worldwide reputation to deliver a quality result.

Bona Wave 2K has proven performance around the world in heavy use residential applications and public areas with lower traffic intensity, offering long lasting durability through improved chemical and wear resistance, as well as an exceptionally low VOC content of less than 4% and a recoat time of only 2- 3 hours. Wave 2K is available now at over 30 distributors nationwide.

Bona Wave 2K
  • Genuine two-component durability
  • Great wear, scuff, scratch & chemical resistance
  • Specifically designed as an economical, tough finish
  • Non-toxic, less than 4% VOC content
  • Non-yellowing, clear appearance

Bona provides complete flooring system solutions and a total product range to close the loop on any flooring project. Bona is the water-based, non-toxic, low solvent, No.1 choice for professional contractors, available in over 75 countries worldwide.

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