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OxyPower Deep Cleaner Powered by Hydrogen Peroxide

Bona's OxyPower Deep Cleaner delivers 3 x the cleaning action

Bona’s OxyPower Deep Cleaner is powered by active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide. This naturally occurring disinfectant delivers a cleaning power 3 times that of normal cleaners. This makes OxyPower Bona’s most powerful cleaner. It dives deep, removing heavy build-up and stubborn dirt without the need for scrubbing. With an oxygenated formula powered by hydrogen peroxide, OxyPower foaming action attacks organic stains, odour-causing molecules and bacteria – like bleach but without the fumes or abrasiveness.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide? It sounds like a toxic chemical, however hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring substance. Its scientific technical name gives a misleading impression, as hydrogen peroxide is simply water with an extra oxygen molecule. Plants and animals can produce hydrogen peroxide (it is even produced in the human body), as well as the simple reaction of sunlight acting on water.

Bona’s research into commonly found natural disinfectants found that Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best used to clean and disinfect. The foaming action of Hydrogen peroxide aids in cleaning and can be used as an effective natural disinfectant throughout the home, with Its effectiveness at killing germs recognized by the CDC and the EPA. Its uses extend to personal care, gardening, food preparation, stain removal and more. At Bona, we’re all about working towards more sustainable cleaning products. We believe that, if given the choice, people would prefer to use cleaning solutions that don’t have any toxic chemicals and are family and pet friendly.

OxyPower Wood Floor Deep Cleaner is specifically fomulated for timber floors, whilst the Hard Surface OxyPower is formulated for use on hard surface floors like vinyl, stone, tile and laminate. Both ranges are available in a 1L spray, 2.5L economy pack, and 850ml refill cartridge for your Bona spray mop. OxyPower Deep Cleaner is Water-based and carries the GREENGUARD GOLD certification to ensure a safe product for your family, pets and our planet. In addition, when used with Bona Microfibre Cleaning Pads OxyPower is proven to be 99% effective in removing bacteria such as E. coli and Listeria from floors.

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